How Apple’s New AR Advancements Align with Possible Reality’s Vision for INTARACT

Photo Courtesy TechCrunch

Photo Courtesy TechCrunch

Watching the live stream of Apple’s WWDC 2018, there was constant mention of “shared experiences.”

Amidst the unveiling of iOS 12 and the new version of ARKit, the emphasis on sharing was the biggest takeaway from WWDC. Fortunately, tech giants like Apple share a similar vision for the future of augmented reality, one that aligns perfectly with Possible Reality’s INTARACT.

Like Apple SVP Craig Federighi, Possible Reality views augmented reality as a “transformative technology,” a tool that can change the way we interact with real or digital environments. But the integration of AR technology beyond selfie masks and markers is still evolving; the advent of shareable AR will ultimately be the catalyst to push augmented experiences to the next level.

Examining all of Apple’s WWDC announcements, the introduction of its new multiplayer slingshot AR game is a great example of the immediate implication of a shared augmented experience. Allowing users to simultaneously engage in a multiplayer game -- in this case, players use iPads to compete in an AR slingshot shooting challenge -- has instant applicability to Possible Reality's mission to create shared AR experience with social connectivity functions.

But how do the dots connect directly to Possible Reality and our focus on digital avatar creation?

First of all, it's necessary to begin with another new Apple product, the Measure AR app, which allows users to accurately measure objects or walls. While this app is most closely related to e-commerce and interior decorating functionality, it also underscores Apple's ability to instantly push the entire AR market forward.

Pretty soon, all iPhone users will have Measure, a native AR app, installed on their mobile devices thanks to automatic software updates, meaning that the entire market, not just early adopters, will immediately begin to adapt and accept new technology.

And from there, the integration becomes somewhat subliminal.

Segueing back to Apple's multiplayer AR slingshot game, which was unveiled on the same day as Measure and ARKit 2.0 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, applications like this have an immediate correlation to Possible Reality and our initial focus on shared experiences through digital likeness and gaming applications. This emphasis on multiplayer functionality coincides directly with one of the core functions of the INTARACT application, which allows users to create lifelike digital avatars and interact in digital environments, almost connecting the dots from AR to VR.

Using a single two-dimensional photo, INTARACT users can achieve digital likeness with realistic 3-D avatars. The next step, however, coincides directly with Apple’s vision of shared experiences, as the INTARACT app also doubles as its own social gaming network, where users can engage each other in gaming scenarios, whether it be shooting zombies in a first (or third) person shooting game, or scoring the game-winning goal in a World Cup soccer match.

And when a dear friend is unable to join you on vacation or for a valuable celebrity photo opportunity, their lifelike avatar can be imported into frame, allowing users to share every experience with the people closest to them.

The integration of augmented reality technology into everyday function is still evolving, rapidly, on a daily basis. But with announcements like ones Apple made this week at WWDC 2018, the mass acceptance of AR is closer than ever, and that’s great news for AR developers like Possible Reality.

Now if they'd just like some help with those new "Animoji" avatars ...


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