Examining Collaborative, B2B AR Solutions

Image Courtesy of TechCrunch

Image Courtesy of TechCrunch

More and more, uniquely AR problems require uniquely AR solutions.

As the emergence of augmented reality technology rapidly proliferates and integrates into everyday application, the continued growth and development of AR comes with a brand new set of challenges. And while most developers and investors are focused on identifying the next big consumer-facing product that will push augmented reality forward, Jido Maps is providing unique AR backend solutions, gearing their efforts towards the B2B market.

It’s a necessary approach, one that stimulates the growth and advancement of an entire sector, rather than just a single product, and, much like Possible Reality and our proprietary facial-mapping technology, Jido Maps is servicing the entire AR industry, helping augmented reality companies create better solutions.

“Just like the wave of SDKs that have been released by the big companies, what Jido is doing really has the possibility of helping the entire AR industry grow, as a whole,” comments Possible Reality CEO Ryan Isbell. “They’re offering solutions that apply across the board for location-based augmented reality products, and this is going to really help the advancement of AR gaming, in particular.”

Recently announcing $2.1-million in seed financing, Palo Alto-based Jido Maps is designing a virtual “save button” for AR companies, allowing new augmented reality properties to not only create worlds and environments, but also save any unlocked location-based features. It’s a very straightforward concept that has immediate application to location-based games, where players visit physical locations and unlock augmented, virtual features.

By using Jido’s backend solutions, developers now have the ability to allow the consumer to keep features open, should they choose to. It’s another way that players can advance through worlds and environments and move on to the next challenge or obstacle in game play, and it’s a major breakthrough in the B2B AR market.

“So many companies are spending their R&D dollars on creating new products, but what Jido is doing is using their research and development to make creation easier and more dynamic for developers across the board,” offers Isbell. “And in that way, what they’re doing totally has some crossover to our focus because we’re working on 3-D digital avatar solutions for the entire market as well."

We’re working on 3-D digital avatar solutions for the entire market
— Ryan Isbell

Aside from INTARACT, which functions as a veritable super app, complete with an augmented e-commerce marketplace and numerous AR environments, Possible Reality is putting the finishing touches on the next step in lifelike digital avatars. Using a single two-dimensional photo, along with our proprietary facial-mapping and imaging technology, these 3-D avatars are created in mere seconds, offering users the most realistic avatar solutions on the market.

It’s a concept that is applicable beyond our native applications. Major gaming titles from EA, Epic Games, and Tencent could all benefit from the boost provided by lifelike 3-D avatars, and Possible Reality sees this as the best way to put players directly in the game.

So while Possible Reality continues to develop its own platform through INTARACT, we also embrace the Jido Maps model, finding a universal application for our technology and providing solutions for other developers that can benefit from our lifelike avatars.

Ultimately, games like Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and the entire EA Sports canon will all benefit from these B2B solutions, allowing gamers the opportunity to play not only as themselves, but also customize and upgrade their personal avatars however they choose to.

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