With Snap Set to Release New Hub, AR Gaming and In-App Purchasing Solidified as the Next Social Media Frontier

Photo Courtesy of TechCrunch

Photo Courtesy of TechCrunch

The back-and-forth social media battle between Snap and Facebook is heading directly towards the augmented reality and gaming sectors, and that’s great news for AR and game developers.

With Snap recently announcing the pending release of a new hub for in-app games, the social media giant is carving out a new niche in the highly lucrative mobile gaming sector and making a major push towards the mass market acceptance of augmented reality technology. The resulting forecast predicts an enormous need for content and development to meet the consumer demand.

“Snap’s new game hub is a major deal for AR developers,” offers Possible Reality Founder Ryan Isbell. “Someone needs to build the highways so that developers like us can push our newest creations to the limits. That’s kind of what’s happening here. Snap is providing a big new platform, and now it’s time for developers to unleash a new wave of games and AR products.”

Snap, whose flagship Snapchat app is in a constant battle with Facebook’s Instagram for market share and relevance, has gone bullish on AR. Perhaps the move comes as the result of a 25-percent stock devaluation over the last 12 months, but the top brass at Snap are saying the move is inspired by investors at Tencent, the Chinese giant whose WeChat super app is a major mobile gaming marketplace.

It’s easy to see why Snap is investing into major AR infrastructure when you consider the possibilities of in-app gaming purchases. There’s a major windfall coming, the only question that remains is when?

Someone needs to build the highways so that developers like us can push our newest creations to the limits.
— Ryan Isbell, CEO Possible Reality

ocial media and in-app gaming is nothing new for Snap, which acquired PlayCanvas last year and launched its “Snapabbles” mini-games in April 2018. While there is no official word on when Snap will unveil this newest gaming development, there will be a major focus on games that allow upgrades for purchase, much like Tencent’s Clash of Clans, Arena of Valor, and PUBG Mobile titles.

All of these developments align perfectly with Possible Reality’s forthcoming INTARACT app, which is heavily geared towards customization and in-app upgrades.

Possible Reality is more than just avatar creation, and INTARACT is more than just an app,” states Isbell. “It’s comprehensive: there are gaming environments, there is social compatibility, and there’s an augmented mobile marketplace where players can customize their avatars and characters with readily available AR merchandise.”

Going beyond a focus on 3-D avatar creation and achieving true digital likeness, Possible Reality envisions INTARACT as its own super gaming app, one that can live inside any number of mobile platforms. It’s part of this emphasis on universal compatibility that will allow Possible Reality to integrate our proprietary digital avatar creation technology and INTARACT into Snap products. But there are also enormous possibilities beyond Snapchat.

Photo Courtesy of TechCrunch

Photo Courtesy of TechCrunch

While Instagram, the main competitor to Snapchat, has yet to announce any plans to venture into the mobile gaming market, parent company Facebook entered into the fray in 2016 with its mini-games for Messenger. And given the constant battling between Facebook and Snap, there is an expected response.

However, with Facebook already concluding its F8 conference in May, Snap appears to at least have a short term edge in this latest frontier for the ongoing social media battle. And no matter where Snap and Facebook head next in their fight for relevance, there will be, for at least the foreseeable future, a focus on AR gaming and in-app purchases.

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