Meet the Team



Ryan Isbell - CEO, Founder

Ryan Isbell founded Possible Reality in the summer of 2017 with the intention of pushing the boundaries of the emerging augmented reality and gaming markets by enhancing and improving digital-avatar technology.

Working in various sectors of the film and television industry for over 14 years, Isbell made the transition to AR and VR in 2015 while serving as the creative lead on the "Pittsburgh Steelers 360-Degree Experience." Combining his deep knowledge of film with his newfound passion for mixed reality, Isbell envisions enhancing immersive virtual experiences through the use of lifelike digital avatars.

Now he’s making that vision a reality, creating a new gaming landscape where players are the characters, and an augmented e-commerce marketplace.



MichaEl Tigar - cco, Co-founder

An accomplished artist and developer responsible for the advent of talking animals in the visual effects industry, Possible Reality CCO Michael Tigar has been pushing technological boundaries since his early days at the California Institute of the Arts.

Inspired by gaming and visual effects from an early age, Michael gained distinction during his tenure at animation powerhouse Rhythm & Hues Studios, where he co-developed a talking monkey for the highly successful Miller Beer "Evolution" campaign, which lead to the talking animals for the Academy Award-winning feature Babe.

With additional credits that include The Cable Guy,James and the Giant Peach, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Surf's Up, Michael has successfully shifted his focus to VR and AR applications, reinventing himself in these emerging technology sectors.



Blake Senftner - cTo, co-founder

Joining the Possible Reality team after years as the CEO of the 3-D Avatar Store, Blake Senftner has dedicated his career to new technology development.

Drawing on his extensive experience creating comprehensive facial-recognition solutions, Blake’s expertise ranges from VFX and animation, to 3-D game production and artificial intelligence.

A full stack developer, Blake not only writes code and provides end-user support, but he also integrates open source solutions to enhance architecture and framework. He is creating neural net-based strategic solutions and provides technology guidance.


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daVid Duong - cfo

An experienced financial management professional with over ten years of experience as a corporate controller, David Duong joins the Possible Reality team, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and investor relations.

David, who has successfully managed corporate holdings reaching $45-million and designed numerous accounting systems, was at the center of Go Apply, Inc.'s $18-million sale to Fidelity National in 2007. He also was instrumental in helping Loan Trader, Inc. raise $16.5-million in first-round capital.

A certified public accountant and graduate of San Diego University, David has spent the majority of his career as a trusted advisor to owners, shareholders, and executives, woking alongside investment bankers to raise capital and complete M&A transactions. 

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